Assisting a family with Moving Mom

December 10, 2019

Assisting a family with Moving Mom



Every once in a while I’d like to share with you a success story where we were able to help a family by doing more than your average Real Estate Professional.  In late Summer I was contacted by a Trust Attorney in North County who was looking for some assistance with one of her clients.  This particular client was a daughter-in-law who was taking the lead in moving her mother-in-law into assisted living.  The mother-in-law had accumulated many belongings over the course of her occupancy in the home.  The trust attorney asked if I had anyone who could assist with contents removal.  Anyone who knows me, knows I pride myself in always having a great contact to share with my clients!  I also offered more than just a referral to a junk hauler.

I spoke directly with the daughter-in-law and learned that her mother-in-law had a reverse mortgage, and that the home needed some repairs.  Additionally, the home had an un-permitted addition in the back that was in rough shape.  After a few phone conversations I went to the home to see exactly what we had on our hands.  Indeed, there were a lot of contents, and the home had a few issues to be addressed.

Within a few days I coordinated the removal of all contents left behind by the owner.  After that we got to work with the removal and repair of the back addition.  This was followed by a complete paint job, Master Bathroom Sink replacement, termite and dry rot repair, and a range hood replacement.  Once the work was done I coordinated a deep cleaning.  In total, I invested a little over $14,000 in the property so that we could get it get Market Ready This investment came at zero cost to the owners.  I fronted all the money at zero interest or fees.  I was paid back at the close of escrow.

Once we had the home Market Ready I brought a few staging items and we were ready for my Real Estate Photographer.  A great Real Estate Photographer can really help sell a house.  Even with a smaller home like this one, the shoot lasted a few hours.  Within a couple weeks we were in escrow, and then we closed about 30 days later.  The owners increased their net proceeds at the close of escrow by allowing me to take them through this process.  They easily walked away with tens of thousands or more dollars at closing.  This money will go a long ways for the seller.

If you know anyone who is a similar circumstance please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  I help families all over the county.


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