Benefits of an HOA

April 1, 2021

Benefits of an HOA

San Diego offers many HOA communities, which became popular in the late 1970’s. Most Condominium developments have homeowners associations that manage the community. Many of these communities come with amenities and rules that add to the appeal of the development.

In many HOA communities the individual is not responsible for the maintenance of their property’s exterior. The HOA covers the roof, the landscaping, the wood destroying pest management, driveways, and more. This makes homeownership easier. The owner gets the benefit of a managed exterior without the work.

A lot of HOA communities have amenities like parks, pools, gyms, and communities. Homeowners get the benefit of living in a resort style community paying a fraction of the total price of the amenity. For example, building and maintaining a pool can cost a fortune, but using a community pool, owned by the association, is included in the HOA payment. Best of all the homeowner is not playing chemist to keep the pool in working order.

Owning a condominium makes it easier to leave town. Homeowners can simply lock their door and take off. Many people choose to purchase second homes in these types of communities too. They don’t have to worry about taking care of the yard. Additionally, many HOA communities are gated or offer security.

HOA communities come with rules and regulations designed to protect each homeowner’s investment. Their might be restrictions in place for the benefit of the neighborhood. More often than not homeowners need approval for architectural changes like exterior paint colors, additions, or flooring replacement in a building where people live over one another. Their also might be restrictions for additional vehicles and toys. There are also rules keeping up one’s yard.

Finally, homeowners associations are typically managed by a professional property manager. These professionals are their to maintain the community and manage the budget for the benefit of all.

If you’re interested learning more about the HOA communities in San Diego please reach out to Market Real Estate.

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