Swimming Pools and Home Values

June 17, 2021

Swimming Pools and Home Values
Now that school is out and 90 degree days are on the calendar you might be considering a swimming pool. They’re a great way to add beauty to a property, and they also allow for great entertainment.
The Pandemic created a boom in pool building business. With people stuck at home they were looking to increase their recreation options in their own backyard. One Pool Contractor I know said he received 60 pool building inquires in the first two months of the stay at home orders. Additionally, demand for homes with pools increased, raising the prices of homes with pools.
When it comes to a pool adding value to a property the size of the yard is really important. A backyard that has nothing but a swimming pool is not as desirable as a backyard with other space, like a grass area, fire pit, etc. Even in San Diego you’re only going to use the pool about six months of the year. Ideally the size of your pool will allow for other useful space. These days kids are playing in the backyards, not out in the streets, so that’s another reason to make sure your pool is a proper size.
If you’re going to sell a home with a pool make sure the pool is in working order. Most home buyers who are buying a home with a pool have never owned a home with a pool before. Signs of deferred maintenance will be a big turnoff. When I see a pool with deferred maintenance I immediately start thinking about the expense of the repairs and improvements, not the hours of enjoyment that a pool will bring. I used to encourage sellers with major pool problems to remove the pool. This was a cheaper option, and created a more desirable property. Today, it’s worth considering spending a little more to repair the pool.
When it comes to return on investment adding a $100,000 swimming pool won’t create a great return. Make sure you’re taking on the project for your own enjoyment. Think of it as a great way to save money on vacations. It’s also a way to keep your kids at home and under your supervision.
Buyers are looking for amazing backyards. They’re paying big bucks for outdoor amenities. Dialing your backyard will increase your net proceeds when you sell. A properly sized swimming pool is a feature that a lot of buyers want. They’re move valuable than ever.

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