Swimming Pools and Real Estate

August 19, 2020

Swimming Pools and Real Estate

As the temperatures continue to climb in San Diego swimming pools are a hot topic.  Swimming pool popularity seems to fluctuate, but they’re now as popular as ever!

When the pandemic first struck, and we’re encouraged to stay home, many homeowners began looking into adding a swimming pool to their backyard.  A pool contractor I know received over 100 inquires in the first month alone!  Home buyers also started seeking out homes with swimming pools.  In the past, far less home buyers were looking for a home with a pool.  Additionally, pools were not necessarily adding value to the average home.  These days a swimming pool is adding value to the property.

Buyers often ask me about the costs associated with owning a swimming pool.  Being a homeowner with a pool I can shed some light on the expense.  Operating a pool pump, probably adds about $50 an SDGE bill on a monthly basis.  New variable speed pumps have dramatically decreased a pool’s appetite for power.  Having a professional take care of a swimming pool typically runs between $100 and $150 a month.  That includes chemicals too.  Water is a little hard to judge, but pools consume less water than thirsty, grassed-filled backyards.  One should expect some evaporation in the summer months, but a pool cover is a good way to limit water loss and heat a pool.

Adding pool solar is a great way to extend the swim season.  Adding pool solar typically means you’re swimming a month earlier and later later than normal.  Let’s say April to October.  Adding pool solar can run about $5,000, but these days it’s really worth considering.  Pool solar will increase the pool pump’s power consumption too.

Today, getting a pool built could take over a year.  Builders are backlogged and permits are taking a long time to complete.  You’ll never get all your money back when building a pool, but you’ll add a lot of joy to your life.  Buying a home with a pool might be a better option if you’re looking simply at dollars and cents.

If you’re looking for a great pool contractor reach out to me for an introduction.

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