Why hire a Home Inspector?

April 29, 2021

Why hire a Home Inspector?

Buying a home will most likely be the biggest purchase of your life. It’s really important to understand exactly what you’re walking into when making such a purchase. A Home Inspector can be invaluable to that end.

In my experience Home buyers tend to be drawn to be drawn to the positive. They’re looking at colors, and finishes, room sizes, views, and more. I always feels it’s my job, as the Realtor to point out all the potential faults in a home. That being said, a simple visual inspection doesn’t cover everything. I’m certainly not a home inspector, although I’ve attended hundreds of inspections over the years. A highly regarded Home Inspector will have thousands of inspections under his or her belt. They will have pretty much see everything, which is quite comforting.

A Home Inspector will help you understand the working components of a home, and their likely lifespans. It’s a really good idea to understand how long the bigger ticket items like water heaters, HVAC systems, roofs, and pool equipment will last. You don’t want to buy a home without knowing how soon each of these items will need to be replaced.

A Home Inspector can also alert you to health and safety items like faulty electrical panels, electrical wiring, foundation issues, water damage, and possible sewer damage. The average home buyer can’t look at an electrical panel and tell you anything about it, but a Home Inspector sure can pass on his or her findings.

Most people when buying a used car have a Mechanic take a look under the hood. A Home Inspector does the same thing for a house. The main difference being that a Home Inspector won’t make any fixes… that’s a contractor’s job!

Market Real Estate has access to the top Home Inspectors in San Diego. We’re always happy to introduce our clients to great professionals!

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